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22 June 2019 – Menninger Capital, Global Investment Manager & Corporate Advisor, has opened its new Townsville headquarters to meet growing demand from Investment Partners, Corporates and For-Purpose Organisations.

In June, the company opened its renovated offices in the iconic 4AY Radio Building, which previously housed, 4AY ‘The Voice of the North’ during the 1970s. The converted radio studios & offices were built in 1888 at 222 Flinders Street, in the heart of Townsville’s central business district. 

“My grandfather, Jack Gleeson, ran his radio station 4AY from here prior to moving into television. The renovation has given us great insight into an iconic era of Townsville’s media history. During our renovation and refit, retaining the original radio studios was very important to me. With their Tasmanian Oak acoustic panelling, porthole doors, and large double-glazed windows,” said Matthew Smith, Chief Executive of Menninger Capital, further adding, “This allows you to see right through the whole office and provides a comfortable space to discuss our investment portfolios and corporate issues with our Investment Partners and Clients. My grandfather expanded his business in this building, and now I am proud to further expand ours.”

A new Philanthropic Wealth Management service was launched in 2019 and we look forward to working with our current and new For-Purpose Organisations to achieve their vision in their respective community sectors.

Menninger Capital identified the need to offer For-Purpose Organisations with bespoke Philanthropic Wealth Management advice after working closely with many organisations over the past several years.

“We identified a true desire among For-Purpose Organisations to achieve more for their local community with their limited resources. The reception we’ve had for our new Philanthropic focused Wealth Management Service has been outstanding,” said Christopher Rockemer, Chief Operating Officer of Menninger Capital.

Menninger Capital welcomes any For-Purpose Organisation that would like to achieve more for their respective community sectors to contact us.

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About Menninger Capital

Menninger manages exclusive global investment funds for private groups of investment partners who share our unequivocal long-term value investment philosophy. Menninger is driven by passion to be a partner of world class businesses and its corporate advisory capabilities complement its investment management activities. As a partner, we act in a constructive manner to support management teams and boards in creating long lasting shareholder value.

Menninger Capital represents the investment management activities conducted by Menninger Capital Pty Limited or any of its subsidiaries. Clients will be provided Menninger Capital products or services by one or more legal entities that will be identified to clients pursuant to the contracts, agreements, offering material or other documentation relevant to such products or services.

Menninger Capital maintains a watch for exceptional executive talent that add real value to our Investment Partners & clients and compliments the existing team. Menninger executive team members are based in Townsville, Queensland.

For more information visit or call +61 7 4728 8000.

We encourage you to think of investing as a long-term pursuit.

Matt Smith