Why Invest with Menninger?

We outperform peers because we invest conservatively but unconventionally.
— Matthew Smith - CEO & Founder

As one of Australia’s leading independent wealth managers, we advise on exclusive global investment funds for our Investment Partners, which include: affluent individuals, private families and for-purpose organisations who all share our unequivocal long-term value investment philosophy.

Our investing edge is twofold:

1) a true long-term orientation and

2) the flexibility provided by our uniquely broad investment mandates.

We believe in order to achieve exceptional results we must differentiate ourselves from the crowd by investing differently; we believe that these two distinct points of difference will continue to enable us to do just that.

Our Investment Process

  • We believe that process is the only factor anyone can completely control in an endeavour.

  • Time is precious and best spent wisely. We organise our research efforts into Opportunity Sets, primarily where there are forced sellers or absent buyers. Our Opportunity Sets are where we believe we will find pockets of low risk returns.

  • As investors we don't have to swing at every pitch and part of our investment process is maintaining a watchlist of high quality companies that we monitor.

High Conviction

  • Our view is that an investor is better off knowing a lot about a few investments than knowing a little about numerous holdings.

  • Our very best ideas are likely to generate higher returns for a given level of risk than our hundredth best idea.


  • We will invest in only 10 to 30 investments, which creates high active management and prevents closet indexing.

  • Over a full business cycle of 5 to 7 years, we strive to outperform the major equity markets by not looking like them.


  • We are an independent investment manager with no conflicting strategies.

  • We can make investments that are currently unpopular and may fluctuate significantly over the near term, but have a high-return potential over multiple years.


  • We fish where the fish are. 

  • We invest where there are opportunities, unconstrained by asset class or geography. 

  • Where exceptional value opportunities emerge, we will evaluate them.

  • Our investment partners enjoy profits from exceptional opportunities outside of the conventional hunting grounds.