For-Purpose Organisations

Menninger Capital is the leading provider of investment management and philanthropic services to the ‘for-purpose’ sector.

Working with and servicing ‘for-purpose’ organisations is a cornerstone of the Menninger Capital business.  Following successful engagements as Corporate Advisors to many ‘for -purpose’ organisations, in 2017 Menninger Capital established a bespoke Investment Management service.

Today, our For-purpose Investment Management team specialise in investment strategies that are empathetic to the core purpose of clients that operate in the ‘for-purpose’ sector including foundations, education institutions, charities, membership organisations and hospitals. 

We are committed to assisting our clients meet not only their fiduciary obligation to prudently manage their assets, but also provide strategic advice and guidance to help them meet their strategic goals and achieve their mission.

Philanthropic Services 

Building on the broader investment capabilities of Menninger Capital, our For-purpose Investment Management team offers three core services that differentiate and elevate our offering to our ‘for-purpose’ clients.

Our Philanthropic Services team provides:

o    Tailored strategic advice ranging from financial sustainability to donor engagement

·         We provide tailored strategic advice to ‘for-purpose’ organisations and philanthropic entities to enable them to deliver on their mission.

o    Assistance in the development of ‘best practice’ investment governance frameworks

·         We assist clients to develop tailored, robust investment governance frameworks in line with international best practice.

o    Access to exclusive research, education and capacity building opportunities

·         We provide exclusive opportunities for our clients to learn from international experts and peers to enhance their capacity to execute their strategy.

In addition to providing strategic advice and guidance to our clients, members of the For-purpose Investment Management Team, and our advisor network, actively participate in the ‘for-purpose’ sector in volunteer and fiduciary roles. This experience enables us to give advice that takes into account the unique set of issues faced by organisations that must invest in a manner that will satisfy diverse stakeholders, in an environment of heightened focus on governance.


 Investment Management

As a Menninger Capital client you have access to:

1)       Bespoke investment advice that is underpinned by gaining a deep understanding of your mission and objectives, risk management, asset allocation, and fundamental research. 

o    We provide tailored advice and solutions for each and every client, underpinned by an approach which focuses on their mission and objectives, risk management, asset allocation and fundamental research.

o    Our For-purpose Investment Management Team has developed a framework which covers the tailored needs of ‘for-purpose’ organisations with regard to portfolio construction and asset allocation.

o    We note three key criteria that we see as of primary importance when considering your asset allocation:

1)       Inflation: To truly offset inflation a range of growth assets are required.

2)       Income: Balance income and capital growth with importance on total return.

3)       Tax: The tax status of most ‘for-purpose’ organisations offers potential for greater income returns compared to most investors

o    We recognise the different considerations that apply to ‘for-purpose’ organisations and devote considerable thought and resources to finding the most appropriate solutions.


2)       The expertise and insight of the Menninger Capital For-purpose Investment Management Team specifically tailored to the needs of ‘for-purpose’ organisations


o    The For-purpose Investment Management Team is a group of highly experienced investment strategists and analysts and the driving force behind our investment recommendations and asset allocation strategies.

o    The For-purpose Investment Management Team undertakes in-house research across a diversified suite of asset classes. Supporting the team’s research is a wide range of views including those from our domestic and global research partners and other well-respected external industry research bodies.

o    Drawing on these insights, the For-purpose Investment Management Team provides the information and tools for your Advisory Team to construct and manage your portfolio including:

·         Our economic outlook

·         Analysis of global investment trends, opportunities, challenges and investment markets

·         Strategic and tactical asset allocation advice

·         Direct model portfolio and advice

·         In-depth managed funds research

o    Menninger Capital operates an open source investment model that enables our ‘for-purpose clients’ Advisory Teams to utilise all asset classes, investment types and styles of management.

o    This includes offering direct and managed options for each asset class:

·         Listed, indexed and managed products

·         The full spectrum of asset classes including:

·         Australian equities

·         Global equities – developed markets

·         Global equities – emerging markets

·         Fixed Interest

·         Cash

·         Alternative investments

o    A wide range of best-of-breed product providers and fund managers